Mission Vision and Goal

The vision, Mission and Objectives of Organization,


To be efficient microfinance institution capable of serving deprived sector people with application of modern technology and tools in competitive manner.


To uplift the economic condition of rural poor people providing efficient financial services, run social awareness programs to the underprivileged community of the service area.


Following will be the major objectives of the organization.

  1. To provide microcredit facility to deprived community.
  2. To enhance the living standard of the deprived community by providing various financial and non-financial services.
  3. Raising production and productivity of poor communities by utilizing their skills and resources.
  4. Proving skill development training, technical knowhow and orientation for the proper utilization of the available resources, labor and capital.
  5. Provide support services to local institutions for the development of agriculture, irrigation, drinking water, cottage and rural industries, forestry and alternative energy and encourage them to undertake feasible and appropriate enterprises.
  6. Act as an intermediary between development programs of government, NGOs, bi-lateral and multi-lateral projects and local.
  7. Helping in increasing public trust in overall financial system of nation.